Magsuper has invested 5000 million Yuan in Bonded NdFeB project in Liu'an City of Anhui Province

Issuing time:2018-08-29 11:37

     The signing ceremony for the Bonded NdFeB project of Magsuper was held in the conference room of the county party committee. Deputy secretary of county party committee Mr. Wang Sichun, chairman of Magsuper Mr. Zhao Liwen, vice-president of Business Department of Guoxin Security Investment bank Mr. Luwei and other related officials attended the signing ceremony

According to the signed agreement, Dongguan Magsuper is going to invest a project of high precision Bonded NdFeB in Jinzai IndustrialPark, with a factory area of 51,000 square meters and more than 5000 million RMB fixed investments, after this project is completed, the annual sales willa chieve 2500 millon Yuan and with a growth rate of 15% per year. Meantime, the company will contribute annual tax revenue for the region which is not less than 7.6 Million Yuan and provide around 260 jobs.

    Magsuper(Dongguan) Corp. is a National Hi-tech enterprise and has been listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system with stock Code 834458 since Nov 27th , 2015. Magsuper produces various kinds of NdFeB magnets with complicated structure and high dimensional precision.These products are widely used in consumer electronics, information technology,office automation equipment, automobiles industry, audio-visual equipment, home appliances, health care, instrumentation, toys and other fields. The brand "MAGSUPER"and its products have been familiar and recognized by many enterprises at home and abroad.

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